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Kinetic City Super Crew Radio Show

In 1996, the Kinetic City Super Crew radio show won the coveted George Foster Peabody Award. Television news anchor Diane Sawyer bestowed the award, saying:

“This thoroughly entertaining children`s radio program presents
exciting radio dramas which teach teamwork, problem-solving
techniques and basic scientific principles. With nearly 100 episodes
produced to date, and a weekly audience estimated at two million
listeners, the "Super Crew" is making an important and much-needed
contribution to science education in the United States.”

The show was co-created by Executive Producer Bob Hirshon and Senior Producer John Keefe. Senior Producer Joe Shepherd not only did most of the script editing and managed recording sessions, but also contributed the vocal talent for some of the show’s standout characters, including sea explorer Jean Claude Cloulez, Texas billionaire H. Ross Grrow, and evil sidekick Einsteen.

Chief engineer and technical producer Barnaby Bristol headed up production. Bristol not only ran the board and performed all the post-production, but painstakingly brought the magical world of Kinetic City to sonic life. Each show included stereo recording of the ensemble group of cast actors and extras, music, sound effects, and ambiences. Bristol’s skill and uncompromising work ethic was critical in making Kinetic City a high-quality, award-winning program.

Also instrumental to the show’s success were the show’s exceptional child actors (Damion Conner, Reggie Harris, Melody Johnson, Elana Eisen-Markowitz, Monique McClung, Alvin Perry, Jennifer Roberts, and Paul Simon) and Director Susan Keady. Character actors Chris Walker, Stephen Carpenter, Jim Zidar, Joel Snyder and Joan Filusch played the Super Crew’s many friends and enemies and Mac Squier provided the show’s music and rhythm beds.

As the University of Georgia said in their official announcement of the award:

“For its ability to bring science to a new level of imagination, and for reminding us of the educational power of radio, a Peabody to "Kinetic City Super Crew."