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Kinetic City is more than just a great way to offer rich and exciting content for after school programs. It's also a great way for businesses, foundations, community groups, and even private individuals to get involved in young people's education.

By becoming an official partner, you or your organization can sponsor a Kinetic City Club or even an entire network of Clubs. Not only that, but official partners will also have the option of displaying the results of their Clubs' efforts through a sponsor recognition system we'll post online. This will provide you or your group with a quick and effective way to show the world the good work your support is making possible.

Another great way to get involved without becoming an official partner is to make a pledge of support to our 'potlatch' or gift-giving system. The potlatch will allow official Kinetic City Clubs to redeem their hard earned Kinetic City Power Points for the resources that kids from poorer areas need to come online and play as well. Computer equipment or financial support is particularly useful, and contributors who so choose will not only be recognized online, but will be linked to the actual Club Homepages their generosity has made possible.

With these exciting possibilities now available, it's clear that something very special is organizing around Kinetic City's novel story-game system: an international little league of knowledge. Not only is it educational, but it's entertaining as well. To become a part of it, follow the links below.

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